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Top Movies about Puppets for Adults

1. Misfit Heights

Misfit Heights

The Misfit Heights is zombie-themed musical puppet film released in 2012.  The film’s storyline is about an apartment that filled by puppets who will have to find a way to survive after the failure of an insane scientist’s scheme to take over the world with an army of undead. The burden is on the last few survivors to find their way to the scientist’s lab and end his intended evil plan before they turn to a meal for the undead or before the superintendent in charge of the apartment gets back from his vacation and throws them off from the house.

2. Head

The Head, released in 2015 is a movie about five young adults in their early twenties who went for a camping trip in a remote area in New England. They discovered after a short while that their camp location was a site for site for brutal mass murder several years ago.

3. Thankskilling 3

Thankskilling was released in 2012. The storyline is about a villain who has to find a way to survive a mindless puppet, a rapping grandmother, a bisexual space worm, a wig-wearing and a group of ridiculous friends to achieve his quest to retrieve the final existing copy of Thankskilling 2.

4. Bad Chicken

The Bad Chicken film was released in 2013. The storyline is about a girl who had a dream of becoming a reality TV star. Her dream comes true rather too quickly and it, in turn, becomes a nightmare for her. She lets TV crew made up of chickens and had a sociopath Charlie Chicken to invade her home and mess up with her emotions.

The group drags her and her boyfriend (who soon turned an ex) into a desert on what was meant to be a glamour filled and thrilling reality TV shoot. In the midst of the Landscapes of the Joshua Tree desert, it all turns into a war of species. The comedy packed antics of the chicken crew, the reality TV start wannabe filled with faith and a wicked perversion of a terrible chicken all goes down into unique spaghetti western.

5. Exterminator City

The Exterminator City film was released in 2005. The film is a futuristic film that is deemed to happen in the year 2027. The storyline is about a robot pest controller that changed to become a serial killer. He is on a murderous mention, killing his way through the citizens of the Atrocity. A sinister robot psychiatrist and a homicide detective are in turn in an investigative journey which will take them through a twist of technological nightmare and more horrifying events than they imagined.

6. Star Troopers

This film released in 2006 is about a warrior named Baron. The stage is set to take place towards the end of the 21st century. The warrior Baron is a leader of a religious organization Exorcio Deus Machine who are, making moves to stop an evil sorceress called Lady Pervertvm.