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The History of Punch and Judy Puppets

Puppetry is one of the most fun and interesting art forms that has ever existed. It was one of the earliest forms of theater it was widely spread all over the world. It came in many shapes depending on the region where it was performed but the principle was basically the same. It is still a very successful art form and thanks to television it managed to reach the heart of the people from all over the world. There are many puppet groups that was able to become international sensations thanks to their humor and talent. One of these groups are Punch and Judy. These two puppets were some of the most loved in the entire world and managed to captivate generations. They brought a large smile on the faces of millions of people all over the globe. But not many people that love them know the true story behind this international sensation. We have listed some of the key moments in the history of these puppets in order to better understand this phenomenon.

The Background

The roots of Mr. Punch and his wife Judy comes from the 17th century Italian comedy. Here, common themes like mischief and theft were often ridiculed for the fun of the audience. This type of comedy soon managed to spread all over Europe. It was then transposed in the puppet theater too. It is well known that Italy was one of the main puppetry hubs in the 17th century and later. This is why it was very easy for this comedy style to reach the puppet world. At first, these comedy shows were taking place in the markets where the sellers and the buyers could enjoy it while trading. Later on, this type of comedy became more and more popular and reached the theaters. The high society also started to enjoy this type of comedy and the puppeteers soon became the most loved artists of the royal courts.

Iconic Comedy

It is well-known that Judy and Punch are considered to be one of the most iconic British comedy movements in history. It has the same style as the Italian comedy from the century of origin. The story may have changed a bit, but the main points remain the same. The violent twists of the story are something common in this type of comedy and it is one of the main reasons why it remained so popular. The main things that made this story so popular are the repeating mischievous schemes. There are many other characters that depict animals but in fact they are representation of human typologies.

Judy and Punch managed to remain so popular also due to the fact that mobile theater scenes gained popularity and the marvelous show could be presented virtually everywhere. Also, the rise of television and internet made them even more popular and managed to reach the hearts of many people. Their popularity remained the same for many years and the dynamic duo will probably continue to put a smile on our face.