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Puppetry Theaters in the US

1. Great Arizona Puppet Theater (Arizona)

The Great Arizona Puppet Theater is open to the public all year round, five days every week. It is known to feature local professional troupe as well as have exclusive features from international and national guest artists.

The theater also has a gift shop where can buy books, puppets, and puppet stages. Its Repertoire is made up of original stories, classic fairy tales, and educational programs. It also showcases the rich ecology, heritage, and culture of the people of Arizona.

2. Bob Baker Marionette Theatre (California)

This theatre was first opened about 44 years ago and is known as the oldest and longest puppet theatre in existence in the country. The proprietor, Bob Baker, has been into puppetry for almost 72 years now. He first ventured into puppetry in 1932 when he was just eight years old.

The Bob Baker Marionette Theatre offers puppet shows and its known to seat between 250 to 300 people. Adults get to sit on chairs while children sit on a floor in magic circles where the marionettes are brought to perform.

3. Children’s Fairyland

This puppet theatre was also known as the Storybook Puppet theatre was found in 1956 and is known as the oldest professional puppet theater in the country. It holds performances all year round between 11 to 4 o’clock.

4. Puppetry Center Of San Diego (San Diego)

This theatre is being managed by the San Diego Guild of Puppetry Inc. it is community-based and holds exhibitions for literature and curriculum-based programs. They feature performances by local, national and international artists. They hold shows for adults, children, and families. They also hold classes, internship programs, and workshops. They are known for their custom designs which range from portrait puppets to giant parade puppet figures.

5. Denver Puppet Theatre (Colorado)

The Denver Puppet Theatre was founded in 1996. It is a 100 sear marionette theatre that holds six production performances every year from October to mid-August. They offer both classical and modern themed marionette shows. They also organize play activities for children and have a puppet gift shop where you can get puppet-themed gift items. The theatre also runs a café where you can get delicious meals.

6. Simpich Showcase

The Simpich Showcase is a combination of a Gallery, a museum, and a Marionette theatre. The theatre is dedicated to an all year round rounds of puppet performances for both children and adults alike. They feature plays from the impish Marionette Repertoire. With just 70 seats and an intimate environment, the theatre hosts play on various stories and subject matters. It is known for productions like the Hands Christian Andersen storybook, The Secret Garden and the Great Expectations from David Simpich who himself is a great puppeteer.

7. Puppetry Arts Center Of The Palm Beaches

This theater was founded in 1993, and it is dedicated to using puppetry as a means to inspire, educate and enchant fans. They have a puppet museum and also a gift shop.