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Puppet Theatre in NYC For Kids

1. Penny Jones And Co Puppets (West Village)

Penny Jones And Co Puppets

The Westbeth Home is located in between West Street and Washington streets. The children puppet theatre was opened in the 70’s. Although it may not be as well known as some of the other theaters it is still one of the best and it always plays the classic and original shows that keep children and families coming back time and time again. All its performances and productions feature puppets. The Audience is encouraged to participate in the shows.

2. Puppetsburg

The Puppetsburg is an interactive puppet show held for children from 3 years and up. The show was created specifically for toddlers and infants. The setting in this theatre is entirely different from other kid’s themed puppet theatres.

Children are engaged in the full show; they dance, sign and make bubbles instead of sitting around to watch. The theatre was originally started in Williamsburg; they now have various locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn with ten-week sessions. The good thing about their show is that the performers keep the audience lively all the way and they organize a unique presentation for each week.

3. Puppetworks (Park Slope Brooklyn)

A master puppet Nicola Coppola founded the Puppetworks theatre in 1980. The theatre is located in the heart of Park Slope which is known to be Uber friendly. The performances at the shows are usually the replication of classical fairy tales for younger children. The kids are made to sit near the stage or sit with their parents on benches kept at the back where they will be entertained by handmade wooden marionettes that are lined up on the walls.

4. Show Box Theatre (Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn)

The Show Box Theatre is located at the Jefferson Avenue in between Franklin and Bedford Avenues. The Show Box is the only Shadow puppet theater located in New York City. It was first opened in the 60’s and featured multicultural shows. The Company visits other boroughs in addition to presenting at a Brooklyn school.

5. Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre (Upper West Side)

This theatre founded in 1973 was imported from Sweden. Since it opened for public shows, it has been presenting puppet shows in the park not far from the American Natural History Museum and the Upper West Side. The theatre building is a 19th-century cottage that is quite rustic.

Most of their shows are fairy tale adaptations with a modern touch and addition of multiple cultural elements. The audience made up of mostly kids is encouraged to sit on communal benches while the adults are keyed up at the back.

6. Teatro Sea @ Los Kabayitos Puppet And Children’s Theatre (Lower East Side)

This downtown children’s puppet theatre with its 110 seat capacity was opened only a few years ago. It is the only children’s LatinoTheater for in New York City. Their presentations are rendered in both English and Spanish. The show is quite easy to follow as long as you are fluent in any of the two languages used. Just like similar children’s puppet theatres, their performances are mostly fairy tale adaptations.