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Is Puppetry Just for Kids?

Well, the answer to that question is a simple resounding NO! Although in these modern times, many people view puppets as meant for children’s entertainment, however, what they may not know is that puppetry has been popular among adults for thousands of years as well.

The Evolution of Puppetry

Both in movies and television shows people are often intrigued by master puppeteers working magic and pleasing crowds of both young and old. According to Steve Abrams, a puppet expert, “All objects have a story to tell, but puppets are objects with rare power. They are objects made specifically to perform like masks.”  This creates a curiosity in people, they want to know how these puppets move and work even when they see them standing still.

Puppetry has evolved over time and it has been made to fit into modern forms of entertainment. It is clearly integrated into Broadway shows like The Lion King which makes use of a lot puppets. While they are still used in live performances, such as Broadway shows, they are being used less and less in movies since they can more easily be replaced by computer generated images.

This may be due to the fact that to master puppetry is highly demeaning and it is not an easy job. There are not very many people left who enjoy this art and work in the filed these days, therefore the computer versions are cheaper and easier. But despite this there is still a great popularity in puppetry, even among adults.

Modern Puppetry

A major reason why adults watch puppet shows or movies with puppets is because they often have great humor involved in them as well. The more modern styles of puppetry are very intriguing and show a great sense of artists and skill and they are actually tailored toward adults not children. Modern puppet shows have become more and more complex and interesting that they pull in large adult audiences. The almost miniature stage along with a skillful combination of puppets and humans makes the art truly magical. There are improvements in the creation and crafting of puppet characters as well as powerful narratives behind every puppet. Some puppet makers have gone as far as bringing Hollywood into puppetry by crafting puppet versions of celebrities like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Elvis Presley and more.

Puppeteers and puppet makers work very hard to bring imaginary characters to life. The work begins with the puppet maker’s combination of wooden parts and joints, dresses and strings. It continues on stage where puppeteers make the puppets look and feel so real that even the humans on stage become invisible.

If you are doubting that puppetry is just a child thing, then you can clearly see that this is no longer the case. Take a moment to go and see a puppet show and see for yourself that puppetry and puppet shows are a beautiful art form. One that adults and children can all enjoy and even find funny or education.