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How to Master Shadow Puppetry

Shadow puppets were a form of entertainment before puppetry even became a known thing. It was very popular all over Asia in Ancient and Medieval times and the main hub for it was China. Here there were countless shadow theaters that showed the amazing skills of the artists maneuvering the forms that created the shadows. Many people argue that this is the earliest form of movie because it used similar principles as the early film making. Shadow puppetry uses very simple forms that are controlled by the artists with a stick. The forms are placed behind a thin wall of paper or other material of light color that will let the light pass through it. The light source was primarily the fire that was then reflected using mirrors. This was a very ingenious way of creating shadows. Many people are still interested in this art form but not many know how to actually start learning it or how to improve their skills. We have listed some tips on how to master shadow puppetry in order to help you with your favorite hobby.

The Hype Behind It

First of all, understand the phenomenon behind shadow puppetry. There are many situations in which the artists have to control or to set the light source themselves in order to achieve the maximum results. Try to see which in the best distance to place the light source and then study the angles. There are shows that require certain angles and scenes that need more or less light. Play with them a little and you will know how to set the scene. Also, study different types of walls that are used during the shows. There are thinner and thicker types of paper for the wall.

The Shapes and Shows

Then, study the types of shapes for the puppets and the distance they should be help behind the wall. This is extremely important for the overall performance of your show. Try controlling different types of puppets and different characters and this is how you will learn to be more flexible.

Study the shows. There are many amazing shadow artists that have incredible success. Watch their shows and try to see which are the elements that make them so successful. Also, try to study the classic pieces before experimenting with your own pieces. There are countless books and movies that display this amazing art form and you definitely have many things to learn from them. Rehearse your voice too. There are many master puppeteers that use their own voices during the show instead of relying on singers. This is a great idea if you want to be a very successful artist. A great idea to receive feed-back is to do free public shows and to see the reaction of your audience. Discuss with them after the show and see what they liked and what should be improved. Another great way to find out about more tips is to discuss with the masters of this art. They are amazing people and they are often willing to share their experience.