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How to Make Your Own Puppets

Puppets have been around forever, they existed ever since medieval times if not longer and puppets were often used in theater over the centuries. There are many people that even today are very interested in puppetry and there are countless puppet theaters around the world. Having your own puppet is a great bonus if you want to practice this form of theater at home or if you are just a puppet enthusiast. A hand-made puppet can be quite expensive, especially if it has flexible joints. Making your own puppet is a great DIY idea and it may easily transform in a hobby. But not many people actually know how to make one, while it may seem daunting there are some simple ways to enjoy puppets at home. We have listed some tips and ideas on how to make your own puppet in order to help you pursue your hobby.

Simple Puppets

A 2D puppet is usually used in the children theater and they are extremely easy to make. All you need is a piece of thick paper and a stick. You can easily use your creativity and design all types of puppets for your show. You only need to take some scissors, model the outline and then you can start painting. The stick can be easily glued to the back of this model and this is how you get a 2D puppet.

A sock puppet is the home-made version of the muppet-type of puppet. You can take a plain sock, or you can buy material to make a new one. Once you have the sock you can then add the eyes and other features of the puppet. They can be hand-made from textile material and the eyes can be bought from DIY stores. The hair of the puppet can be made from colorful strings or even pieces of material. This way you will make a very fun puppet.

Traditional Puppets

Classic puppets are usually made from wood. You can make your own one with a bit of dedication and patience. You can buy the pieces of wood from almost every DIY store. You will need some carving tools in order to shape the wood and some sandpaper to smooth it out, so you don’t hurt yourself while using it. You can buy already made wood pieces from the store, but the outcome will be much more fun if you do it yourself. Once you finished carving and smoothing the wood pieces, you can start paining your puppet. The facial features can be quite challenging to do, and it is better to rehearse a bit before putting the paint on the puppet. The flexible joints are quite difficult to make but the supplies for that can be easily bought online. The limbs can then be attached with strings to the frame that will help you bring your puppet to life. The strings should be strong but also as thin as possible. The frame can be a simple cross made of two pieces of wood.