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Famous Movies That Use Puppets

Puppetry is well-known for being one of the oldest art forms in the world. The earliest records show that puppets were widely used in plays in Ancient Egypt. They were also very popular in Asia and Europe. The puppetry we see today developed mainly in the 18th and 19th century and hasn’t changed much ever since. The art of controlling a puppet is a very difficult job. Most of the puppets have movable joints to copy the natural movement and this makes them very hard to control. The puppet makers are considered true artists because every detail must be perfect. Lately, there were many movies that gave this old art form a new meaning. We have listed some of the most famous movies that feature puppets to understand how this ancient art form manages to captivate us even in the modern days.

Dark Crystal

This is a fantasy movie that showed the modern face of puppetry. It was released in 1982 and it tells a fantastic story of magic and adventure. The puppets are beautifully made, and the puppeteers used in this movie were extremely skilled. The natural movement of the puppets captivated the public and this is one of the movies that contributed to the rebirth of puppetry.

Star Wars

Some of the first Star Wars movies featured some amazing puppet skills. Master Yoda was one of the most loved characters and he was a puppet. After the movie was released many people wondered who was the actor that played their favorite character. It was a great shock when they found out that it was a puppet. This shows that this ancient art form can be used in all sorts of movies and plays. This movie series also contributed a lot to the rebirth of puppetry.

Jurassic Park

Photo courtesy of Universal Studios Hollywood

The first Jurassic Park movie had some very good special effects for that time. Many people were impressed of how realistic everything seemed. The huge dinosaur that was the main attraction of the movie was in fact a very large puppet controlled by a huge team of puppeteers. Their amazing skills and the amazing work that was done to build the puppet made this movie one of the most popular in the world.


Gremlins is one of the classic family movies. Featuring some cute tiny animals that manage to get themselves in trouble all the time, this movie remains one of the most loved movies in history. The furry creatures were in fact little puppets. This shows again the versatility and creativity of this art form.


This is one of the most famous movies in the world. Every few years there are new series coming out and they manage to have a huge success. The first Ghostbusters was created before all the computer-based special effects were invented. The scary ghosts were in fact some amazing puppets. The movement was so realistic that many people were left wondering who played the ghosts.